Johnny Bohannon & Kenneth Cleaver, Elders

Buildings (Inside)

The programs for the usage, appearance, and maintenance for the inside portions of our facilities include; activity scheduling, baptistry maintenance, pest control, and the cleaning, painting, and modifying of several thousand square yards of carpet, wall space, and floor/ceiling tile. Leadership and direction are provided for the entire custodial staff. This includes staff supervision, project priority scheduling, equipment purchasing and budgeting.

 Buildings (Outside) / Grounds & Monitors – Andrew Falwell, Deacon

Our thirty-five acres of property must be mowed, fertilized, irrigated, graded and cleaned of debris. Landscape maintenance and improvements significantly enhance our grounds. The parking areas require sealing, repair, and appropriate markings. Staff selection and purchase/maintenance of equipment required to perform these services are their responsibility. They also oversee programs for roof maintenance, snow removal, and for monitoring of the grounds to provide for necessary guidance and security measures during our worship services. Members who enjoy working outdoors and enjoying the natural beauty provided by our Lord are needed in this service.

 Mechanical/Electrical – John Miller

Preventive/repair maintenance to our mechanical/electrical/HVAC systems is a major responsibility. Twelve mechanical rooms incorporate sixteen air-handlers, eight condensing units, two boilers, a chiller, multiple pumping/piping stations, and an energy management system. These systems all require appropriate cleaning, lubrication, filtration, calibration, etc. A myriad of high intensity discharge, fluorescent, and incandescent lamps are replaced each year. Annual state certification of boilers, elevators, fire alarms, and security systems is required. Monitoring and controlling utility costs is of primary consideration. Selection of skilled staff in these areas is essential.

 Sound Room and Radio – Brad Young, Deacon

The deacon in charge of this area selects and trains personnel to assist in operating the building sound systems. All sermons and auditorium classes are recorded and are available by completing a “sermon request card.” Sunday morning and night services are also broadcast on local radio. Repairs and preventive maintenance are also performed on sound equipment. Service is also provided for special meetings, weddings, funerals and fellowship gatherings.