David Ryan, Elders


It is important for us to work toward making our congregation known as a friendly and cordial place to worship God. Besides welcoming each person to the service, greeters hand out the Sunday morning and Sunday evening bulletins.

Responsibilities of the person in charge include coordinating with the office’s current greeters listing, making assignments each week and contacting those assigned to verify availability.

 Meals – Tim Coles, Chad Lawson, Arvis Thorn – Deacons

Edification and fellowship through meals is an enjoyable way to grow in unity and spirit. The organization and supervision of this effort is the responsibility of three deacons. The deacons in this area are responsible for the New Members’ Dinner, the Church-Wide Potluck in December, and any other special meals.
A New Members’ Dinner, hosted by the elders, is planned and served by these deacons. This meal is held for all individuals and their families periodically throughout the year and serves as a time to welcome those who have become new members either by baptism or by placing membership.
The Church-Wide Christmas Potluck Dinner is held on the first Saturday night in December. This dinner is a festive occasion with wonderful food, fellowship and entertainment. The deacons in this area are responsible for the decorations, entertainment, setup and cleanup.

 Membership – Garry Evans -Involvement Minister/Deacon

The objective of the current eldership is to keep this local flock together and as involved in the work of the church as each member would like to be. Therefore, records and activities must be maintained and scheduled. The deacon responsible for this area of work has the duties of seeing that an up-to-date file of all members is kept, including the attendance record of each one. Elders are advised when members are absent so that follow-up contacts can be made. Each member is asked to fill out an involvement card. It is the duty of the involvement minister to inform the leaders of specific areas of the willingness of each of our members to serve in whatever area they have requested.

Senior Citizens’ Needs, Skilled Care Facilities – Jeremy Bell

This visitation program is for Glendale Road members who live in Emeritus of Murray, Spring Creek, Fern Terrace, or are shut-ins at home. This program incorporates some of the same concepts as the Glendale Road hospital visitation program. Members will pick names they would like to visit for that week. Members will visit one person every week and try to stay at least 30 minutes. Members will return the card they receive with the name visited before the morning worship the following Sunday. The names will be re-distributed following the morning worship. Please help us make this program a success.