David Ryan, Elder

Visitation – Members & Guests

Visitation is an important evangelistic tool. Glendale Road tries to use its attendance cards, which are filled out by members and visitors on Sundays to acknowledge their attendance. This system helps Care Team leaders, the staff and elders know if a member has missed three consecutive Sundays or more, which might signal a need for a visit or call to check and see if things are all right. The visitors cards are used to give the staff and elders information on how to contact visitors and acknowledge their visit while inquiring about needs that can be met. When a member asks for a family member or friend to be visited, this request is carried out by elders, ministers or Care Team members.

Hospital Visitation – Steve Spiceland, Deacon

The current hospital visitation program began as an organized effort in June of 1997. Since that time countless visits have been made by the visitation team members. The current program is organized in such a manner that each person of a visitation team is scheduled to visit the local hospital one day a month. This program does not demand a great deal of time from any one person, due to the number of volunteers. Currently, every day of the month has team. More volunteers for this program are always welcome.

Visiting the Shut-Ins

As part of an effort to involve those who are unable to attend church events, all shut-ins are visited on a monthly basis. This includes those in nursing and retirement homes. Through a host of volunteers, coordinated by Ted Howard, approximately forty individuals are contacted every month by personal visits, phone calls or cards. Shut-ins also enjoy small gifts for special occasions from time to time.

Local Radio

The church at Glendale Road has utilized radio opportunities for many years. The Sunday evening worship time has been broadcast live on the local station(s) for approximately 63 years. The Sunday morning services have been broadcast for approximately 38 years. In addition, we have presented early morning devotional programs each weekday for over 36 years. The Sunday morning and evening program is accessible through the website of the WNBS Network (AM 1340).

Glendale Road sponsors these radio programs:
Sunday mornings
from 9 to 10 am
on WVHM 90.5FM

Sunday morning rebroadcast
at 11 am

Sunday evenings
from 6 to 7 pm

Monday through Friday mornings
6:25am and 7:25am

Youth Program – Youth Minister

The goal of the youth ministry is to help our young people grow in love for Jesus, our families, our church, our communities and each other. We hope to reach these goals through our educational program, retreats and other activities. We take several weekend trips throughout the year for the purpose of teaching, in addition to a few week-long trips throughout the summer.

We also attempt to give greater emphasis to the importance of faith development in the home. We feel this approach is Biblical and even more effective than what the church can offer. Our goal is to teach and train our children both in the home and the church, in hopes that our children will grow to be faithful followers of Jesus.