Raymond Grady, Elder

Advertising – Public Relations – Joel Fisher, Deacon

Advertising is used to promote special events and activities of the Glendale Road Church of Christ. Advertising outlets include the Murray Ledger and Times newspaper , the Murray State News college newspaper, highway signage on major entries to Murray, Chamber of Commerce sponsored literature and local cable television. Major church events such as the annual Ladies Day, Vacation Bible School and Friends and Family events are advertised within the community.

New Members, Bibles, Visitation, Pictures – Garry Evans – Deacon, Involvement Minister

The New Members’ Program is designed so that each new member is welcomed, encouraged and educated about our family. This activity will assist all members in knowing about the specific work of the church and about newcomers to the congregation.

Each new member is given a Bible and also asked to participate in a three-week New Member Orientation Class so that all new members can become acquainted with programs, officers and functions of the Glendale Road congregation.

Programs Booklet and Directory – Jeff & LaDonna Sparks

Through Promotion and Growth, the church prepares a Programs Booklet and a pictorial Membership Directory for each member. The Programs Booklet is designed to keep each member informed about planned programs and operations of the church. Some church programs are budgeted and some are unbudgeted. Programs are described and the names of contact persons are provided. The Programs Booklet is produced every two years. A pictorial Membership Directory is produced and distributed every four years. In addition, both the Programs Booklet and the Membership Directory include contact information is provided for all members to encourage communication and participation.

Retreats: Women, Men & Congregational – Tim Stark, Deacon

The membership at Glendale Road will have the opportunity to participate in various retreats. Each year, the ladies of the congregation have a great turnout for the annual “Ladies’ Retreat.” The men have an outstanding retreat each year in February. Our hope through these retreats is to strengthen our congregation by strengthening one another.

Video – Jeremy McKeel

“It Is Written” is the weekly video program taken from Sunday morning sermons and produced for the web. Each episode may also be viewed on the church’s YouTube channel or on the Sermons page of this site.

Website – Jeremy McKeel

This area of work includes development and management of the church website, as well as developing an e-mail information database to promote member communication and fellowship. The website houses information including, but not limited to, the weekly bulletin, calendars, sermon and radio devotional audio and video archives, as well as Biblical and general information for website visitors.